Milton Township Received EXCELLENT ISO Ratings

May 2017

"Potential Decrease In Fire Insurance For Milton Twp Businesses & Residents"

The Milton Township Fire Department has recently undergone an insurance (ISO) rating evaluation. The Insurance Service Office is an independent organization that rates a fire departments ability to protect its constituents against fire. This is the first rating evaluation since the department's inception on January 1, 2000. ISO uses a rating scale, from 1 to 10, when determining the effectiveness of the overall fire protection in a community. Smaller numbers result in better insurance rates for our business owners and residents, and shows the community that they have better fire protection.

The ISO rating that was in effect until recently, was a 8B in areas without fire hydrants and 5 in areas with hydrants. After the department's three day evaluation process, the MTVFD improved the ratings to 4Y in areas without fire hydrants, and an EXCELLENT rating of 4 in areas with hydrants. This rating of 4 is equivalent or better than many full time fire departments throughout Mahoning County, and our department is 100% volunteer.

As the new water lines and hydrants are installed throughout much of the Township, they will automatically become eligible to move from the 4Y rating to the 4 rating.

Insurance companies should begin to recognize the new rating system for residents and businesses at any time. If you will be renewing your policy ask the agent to recognize this new rating. This could save you a significant amount on your insurance premium.


More information about ISO ratings can be obtained from the Insurance Service Office Website at:



If you need a PDF version of this press release for your insurance company, please click on the link below and download the release. You will need acrobat reader to view the release.

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